2015 MFA in Comics


by Trinidad Escobar
Undertow, by Trinidad Escobar


by Bex Freund
Aisling, by Bex Freund

"Morning Melody"

by Ashley Guillory
Morning Melody, by Ashley Guillory

"How to Catch a Spider"

by David Kelly
How to Catch a Spider, by David Kelly

"Night Driving"

by Maia Kobabe
Night Driving, by Maia Kobabe

"The Base"

by Jacob Magraw
The Base, by Jacob Magraw


by Samuel Sattin
Loon, by Samuel Sattin


by Nancy Teresa
Gratitude, by Nancy Teresa

"I Went on a Walk and I Saw a Snake"

by Josh White
I Went on a Walk and I Saw a Snake, by Josh White


Digital comics are not new. In fact, the earliest digital comics were posted to the web in the 1970’s. However, digital comics as a field of study has been slow to catch up. For the past fifty years, many of the comics published to digital spaces have very much resembled their print counterparts.

Internationally, there are very few masters-level courses devoted to experimenting with the power comics can wield in the digital realm. In developing their MFA curriculum, CCA’s comics program chose to challenge this convention. Throughout this course, students were asked to let go of any assumptions that comics should be designed with print in mind and embrace the possibilities of new tools.

The work made by 2015’s graduating class is playful, experimental, and earnest. They devised new storytelling techniques and pushed against the conventional boundaries of comics online, and the results are really rad. We’re proud to share the fruits of their labors here. May it inspire the legions of digital cartoonists to come.

Joyce Rice
Digital Comics Instructor, MFA in Comics