2016 MFA in Comics

"The Tale of Old Ryan"

by Ryan Bitinis

The Tale of Old Ryan, by Ryan Bitinis

"Your Struggle is Your Strength"

by Kayan Cheung-Miaw

Your Struggle is Your Strength, by Kayan Cheung-Miaw

"Tomorrow Jerks #2"

by Peter Glanting

Tomorrow Jerks #2, by Peter Glanting

"How to be Human, Day One"

by Joseph Hewitt

How to be Human, Day One, by Joseph Hewitt

"Whale and Albatross"

by Masami Inoue

Whale and Albatross, by Masami Inoue

"Selected Stories from Your Hands Are Clean and You Have Nothing to Worry About"

by Cordelia McGee-Tubb

Selected Stories from Your Hands Are Clean and You Have Nothing to Worry About, by Cordelia McGee-Tubb

"The Free Radicals"

by Paul J. Morehead

The Free Radicals, by Paul J. Morehead

"Sick Bed Blues"

by Kristin Olson

Sick Bed Blues, by Kristin Olson


by Wei-Ching Shyu

Licht, by Wei-Ching Shyu

"Mazy & Gus"

by Rachell Sumpter

Mazy & Gus, by Rachell Sumpter

"Above the Surface"

by Samantha Nicole Traina

Above the Surface, by Samantha Nicole Traina


by Lyssette Williams

4, by Lyssette Williams


Comics are a notoriously tricky art form to master. They demand long stretches of quiet concentration and bold, ambitious decision making (both fraught with their own elements of personal danger). Comics ask their creators to become seasoned storytellers, daring illustrators, nuanced designers, and caretakers of a rich, historical medium. Through their coursework and hour after hour working on each page, our graduate cartoonists managed each of these tasks with style. The twelve thesis excerpts featured in this anthology are the proof their efforts were justly rewarded.

I’m so very proud of each member of our graduating class. I’d also like share my heartfelt gratitude to the California College of the Arts MFA in Comics faculty for their guidance and support.

We hope you enjoy our second MFA in Comics Thesis Anthology. Congratulations to our graduates. Here’s to their many successes to come.

Matt Silady
Chair, MFA in Comics